BLP Entrepreneurs


Inspiration IBD Girls

Girls With Guts is a collaborative effort of two, confident Inflammatory Bowel Disease survivors. Charis and Jackie met through their online blods which chronicle their lives as they live and fight IBD. Although the have two very different stories and journeys, these ladies have found common ground with their goal to encourage gowmen with IBD. Girls With Guts knows how having IBD cn hinder confidence. Their goal is to teach girls and women of all ages that you can still be beautiful with a butt disease.

Constant IT Support

AskSupportNow is an IT Helpdesk company that provides software that proactively detects common computer problems and fixes them. The software makes technicians aware by opening a problem ticket and resolving the problem.‎




Culinary Nutrition Cooking

AVC Kitchens mission is to provide innovative and creative culinary nutrition cooking classes for the home cook; to produce and sell quality homemade food products; and to operate a company that actively seeks to initiate ways to improve the quality of nutritional health of the local community.‎



In-House Financials

MSquared Financial facilitates efforts of growing companies and their entrepreneurs by managing financial and accounting aspects of running a business for them. Our Mission is to provide a cost-effective solution that frees entrepreneurs to focus on their core competency of developing and selling their products and services.


Thoughtful Tea

Eli Tea is an all natural tea company based in Detroit featuring American sourced herbals and thoughtfully selected teas from around the world. Only real ingredients are used to create real flavors, artificial ingredients (flavorings, syrups) are never used. Eli Tea tea's are available in four unique collections: American Herbals, Hand Blended Chai, International Classics, and homeopathic tea blends.


Social STEM Focus

Teach 4 Detroit is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping students in Detroit get ahead and achieve success. The present educational system in Detroit, due to restrictions on resources, is unable to adequately cater to students' needs. Every child should have the opportunity to achieve their academic and career goals. But it's very difficult to figure everything out on your own, so we've developed the Teach 4 Detroit program to help students get from where they are to where they want to be.

Video Game Fun

AdaptivElite take advantages of the newer hardware technologies emerging.  Starting with 4 members, the group has steadily grown over time to 12 strong, and is actively working on two titles concurrently, one of them to be released within the coming months for the iPhone and Android platforms.

LED Lighting

SignaLEDAn efficient and sustainable LED Venture with a solution that can reduce cost and waste. All of the development and testing happens in Detroit fabrication laboratories with local support in mind. We seek to better our city through collaboration and movement.


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