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An online staffing marketplace and management platform that provides a convenient way to hire, manage, and pay individuals for web development, software development, writing, QA, graphic design, systems admin, and more.

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    Equity Calculation Simulator

    This website has a great simulator that calculates the equity you would have after you input all the other possible variables.

    Researching Traffic statistics on Websites

    This website tracks other web domains and the amount of users/traffic they generate.

    Creating an RFP for a development Proposal

    In order to get a developer to create a proposal for your site you need to create what is called an RFP, or request for proposal. This document outlines your sites functionality so that your developer can quote you an acurate price and timeline. You need to create this document BEFORE talking with potential developers.

    Getting web development Proposals

    This is a great resource to get an initial quote on how much your website would cost.